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For our partners

Our promise is to make doing business internationally easy for you and help develop and optimize your international presence… all at minimal cost to your company! 

EWG Medical was established to help small to medium sized US, Canadian and European manufacturers and distributors establish an immediate and dedicated presence in the Middle East.

I. We open new markets for our partners and help them become global enterprises

  • Open business doors for you outside the United States (if you are a US, Canadian, European manufacturer) and expand your business into new markets
  • Help you broaden your customer base and introduce your products/services to new customer markets
  • Increase your market share and creates new distribution channels in designated markets
  • Establish your brand as a global player, giving your business the competitive advantage
  • Represent your company at international trade exhibitions, implements your advertising programs and increases your brand reach and awareness
  • Travel periodically to meet face-to-face with customers and provide them with continued support for their sales and marketing efforts.

II- We minimize your risks of doing business abroad

  • Purchases products from you for resale in international markets according to customer or distributor orders.
  • Take title of the goods. In this way, we save you the trouble of invoicing and collecting payment.
  • Conduct market feasibility studies and provide risk assessments as required by customers
  • Assist in solving communication problems and overcoming cultural and language barriers

III. We streamline your international channel sales

  • Manage your export to over 20 countries with only one contact!
  • Work with you to determine the best distribution channels for your product, including the identification of exclusive distributors and government and private sector customers
  • Negotiate with distributors, customers, or suppliers on your behalf
  • Take the burden of your logistics and order fulfillment activities
  • Handle all shipping details, custom forms, export licensing, and all relevant export documentation and compliance.  
For our Customers

If you want a long term business partner that you can rely on, a supplier that keeps its promises, a company that is there to stay, look no further!.

Here are a few of the services we provide:

I. We guarantee best value for your money

•    Keep you abreast of new products and manufacturers.
•    Provide you with competitive quotes and negotiates favorable pricing on your behalf
•    Respond immediately to your technical and business questions
•    Offers sales and marketing support

II. We help you make informed decisions

•    Help you identify and evaluate suppliers and manufacturers that fit your portfolio
•    Understand your business, your language, your culture, and has vested interest in your success
•    Offer you a one stop buying service!

III. Our credo is “What You Order Is What You Get!

•    Guarantee strict adherence to your customer specifications. No surprises and no disappointments!
•    Guarantees fast response to help you meet your deadlines
•    Offer personalized service from an honest and trustworthy team that will pay individual attention to each of our customers/partners
•    Provide the most reliable logistics and freight forwarding businesses to ensure efficient service at the most competitive rates. Whenever possible, EWG Medical consolidates shipments to reduce landed costs
•    We are open 24 hours / 7 days a week to answer to your needs. Wouldn’t you want a supplier who you could talk to any time you need?

For healthcare Planners

EWG Medical is committed to working with equipment manufacturers and providing you with the support and information that you require. Let us help you with your next project.

EWG Medical Supports medical equipment planners:

•    Complimentary Consulting Services
•    Pre and Post Sale Service & Support
•    Product education & Updates
•    CAD product drawings
•    Product information with extensive specifications

Our Partners
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