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EWG Medical partners with Blickman as a premier manufacturer and expert in stainless steel medical storage and delivery equipment.

We supply a wide range of bassinets to fit any need in various capacities and configuration.

Our customer service experts are here to answer your questions and find the right cabinet for your needs.

Blickman's inverted "U-frame" bassinet design, combined with bassinet basket, provides a stable and safe resting place for newborns. Shelves, drawers or cabinets housed underneath the basket provide additional storage space as well as add strength and rigidity. Ball-bearing swivel casters, with two brakes, transport baby comfortably and safely. The clear acrylic infant basket has a card-holder for baby ID and rests in specially-formed support rods so it can be set in the flat or trendelenbury position.

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8044SS - Bassinet with two shelves
8047SS - Bassinet with storage drawer and…
8048SS - Bassinet with two-door cabinet
8049SS - Bassinet with open cabinet
3069MP - Mattress Pad
3070P - Infant basket
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