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Heart Works

The dedication of leading cardiac anesthesiologists at University College London Hospital to create a realistic simulation solution for a more effective way to teach cardiac anatomy and echocardiography, has been the driving force behind HeartWorks and the company that created it - Inventive Medical. HeartWorks Simulator Systems provide a comprehensive teaching and review tool for all clinicians, from medical students to all cardiac specialists, who share the need for a greater understanding of cardiac anatomy and echocardiography.


If you have ever looked inside an operating room at a major hospital, chances are excellent you witnessed a host of components being handled by sturdy Blickman products. Blickman has been the number-one requested manufacturer of these and other operating-room products for over three generations.Blickman is also the only manufacturer in its class to offer its legion of loyal customers a Lifetime Limited Warranty!


Novum Medical is a leading manufacturer and provider of healthcare equipment and furnishing. Through our manufacturing and assembling facility in Clarence, NY as well as our partner manufactures, we are proud to say our core pediatric, furnishing and specialty products are made in the USA. Novum provides seamless solutions for all types healthcare facilities, healthcare designers and equipment planners.


At Harloff we pride ourselves on our people and resources, all working to continually educate themselves and maintain their expertise in the Healthcare storage solutions. Simply put, we provide the most innovative and highest quality carts and storage products available to the Healthcare world.


Providing quality healthcare products for more than 60 years. Now with an expanded Quick-Ship program that covers close to 75% of our product line, shipping items in 1, 3, 5 or 10 day lead times. We have a dynamic group of Customer Service and Sales Representatives to help serve you better along with several Social Media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to help keep your finger on the pulse of Hausmann Industries. Our goal is to \"Make It Easy\" to do business with Hausmann.


With over 60 years of experience, we offer a diverse product line that transports, stores, heats, cools, serves, dispenses, organizes, displays and merchandises. To meet the dynamic aspect of the industries we serve, Lakeside is continually engineering new products and updating existing products to stay in tune with industry trends and our customers’ unique needs. As a quality-driven manufacturer, we produce our products right here in the USA. With a state-of-the-art facility, we utilize safe manufacturing processes and continually work towards reducing our global footprint.


For over 60 years Winco has been a leading manufacturer of medical furnishings. Attention to detail and quality continue to be the cornerstones on which we design and manufacture all of our products. We are proud to be an ISO 9001 certified company, successfully competing in the global healthcare marketplace, and proud to say we manufacture the vast majority of our products in the USA. We have built our business on the foundations of honesty, quality and value.


Infab Corporation has been an innovator and leader in the radiation protection industry since its inception in 1981. Infab produces superior lead apron and radiation protection equipment and strive for world-class customer service.


Stanley Innerspace

Proudly known as the inventor of clinical storage, Innerspace® a diversified supplier, was founded in 1985 on innovation for specialty storage and has helped customers in the medical industry maximize storage and increase productivity. Innerspace® offers integrated solutions to 80% of US hospitals and more than 5,000 hospitals worldwide. In addition, Innerspace® clinical storage solutions are designed to for every part of the hospital including Patient Safety, Security & Protection, Clinical Operations & Workflow, and Asset Management. Innerspace® also provides extensive product lines comprised of modular casework, mobile procedure carts, and open storage.

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